I’ve written extensively about this and make sure that my own students know the difference. People have to toil to provide decent living to self and families. And, some of the things they do to each other in a ring, will get you into trouble with the law – either civil or criminally – if you use them on the street!

Fighting – Yes.

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Self-defense – Not so much.

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Here are several reasons why MMA and sport jujitsu are not the best choices for street self defense:

3) Locking up with the opponent. Inflationary pressures have eroded the value of money, left people … There is a huge difference between self defense and fighting. This means that they are laden with rules. Dudley – Urgent care facilities provide care now for a wide range of services.Tags: care now, urgent care, urgent care clinic, walk in clinicFamily Doctors Are With You At Every Stage Of Life By: Shirley G. It has grown in stature and with it, the people of Durgapur are also getting the opportunity … This strategy works great in a ring with a referee. Miller is an international self-defense expert who can teach you how to, not just defend but – survive!

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1) The very fact that they are sports.

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Do you want to really learn what it takes to survive on the street in a real world self-defense situation?

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2) They are unarmed systems. It can be very difficult to escape from your own submission hold, designed to control a single adversary, while his buddy is standing over you, kicking in your skull!

The Importance Of Home Cleaning Professionals By: Sanjana Antony – You Love your home, you ought to keep it spotlessly clean. When, in a real-world self defense situation, especially where weapons are involved, charging in could be the last thing you ever do!

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MMA and sport jujitsu have become all the rage these days. When you are up against a criminal attacker who will do anything to beat, break, or kill you, training in a system that ingrains a set of rules into your subconscious programming is not a great idea!

4) Legal considerations. MMA and sport jujitsu fighters are not prepared for the attacker who brings a weapon to the fight. Tags: Graphic Art Design Courses, Graphic Art Design Course5 Years, 6 Continents “” Up-skilling A Global Workforce Through Differentiated E-learning By: Darshita Srivastava – Since 2011, Edureka, the Bangalore-based e-learning startup has successfully up-skilled over 250,000 professionals through instructor-led, interactive learning. Tags: Home Cleaning Perth, Home Cleaning, Perth Home CleaningStep Up In The Compitition With The Aid Of Good Graphic Art Design School By: Academy of Design – Taking Graphic Art Design courses will furnish you with the alternatives accessible in the field and set you up for a vocation. When mma and the UFC first came on the scene several years ago, there were only 3 rules. The problem is that, these arts aren’t necessarily designed for self-protection.

Jeffrey M. Now, there are about 18. What I am saying is that these things were designed as fighting systems – as contests – not as methods of self defense.

. A clean home has positive v … Tags: Many Faces Of A Security System By: Chris Nguyenn – Now when we talk about taking security, what do we exactly mean by it, is taking security is all about having some big muscular guys around your corner every time? No it does … Of course, I would never say that a high school wrestler couldn’t defend himself either. The cutting edge visual planner uses the utiliz … Sport martial artists, just like boxers, are fighters. Tags: With Modernization, Jobs In Durgapur Are Plenty For Job Seeking Candidates By: Steve Hurley – Durgapur, once billed as a small town is no longer trapped within that definition. These systems pride themselves in attacking their opponent to gain a knock-out or submission hold. Tags: Edureka, e-learning, ed-techThe Need Of Home Extension To Boost Regular Income By: Sanjana Antony – Urban living has become highly expensive. Tags: Jobs in DurgapurUrgent Care Means Care Now For Everyone By: Shirley B. Dudley – A family doctor should have enough time and attention for you and a full range of services.Tags: Family doctorsAnnual Physicals: An Important Part Of Primary Care By: Helen Phillips Cockrell – An annual physical in Germantown, MD can help you stay in good health.Tags: Annual physicals


Jeffrey Miller

Please note that I am not saying that a jujitsu practitioner or a mixed martial artist can’t defend themselves. But, out on the street, in a real situation, locking yourself to your attacker can get you killed – not necessarily by your assailant, but by one of his friends. Tags: Security Service Providers, Mobile Patrol SecurityFacts About The Pumping Industry In Australia By: Edmund Brunetti – Australia counts a vast number of companies that manufacture pumps and a few hundred that are importing, reselling, and supplying the product to the appropriate industry. But, are they effective methods of personal self defense?

Many well-intentioned martial artists are looking at the whole MMA/UFC and jujitsu arts to learn effective self defense. A dirt free home is not only hygienic it provides a healthy ambiance to relax unsullied

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