Diana is the sentimental favorite, although there are many arguments against bestowing the name upon the new princess. The world had to wait two days for that news, so there still might be time to place your bets. Charlotte, a feminine form of Charles, could be chosen as a nod to her grandfather, Prince Charles, Prince William’s father.

Dynastic names Elizabeth and Victoria are popular picks on social media. By Sunday, Alice and Charlotte emerged neck and neck as the favorites, followed closely by Victoria and Elizabeth, according to gaming site Ladbrokes.

Alice was the name of one of Queen Victoria’s daughters and of the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh, the baby’s great-grandfather.

Others cheekily held out hope for unconventional names like Beyonce and Barbara, because apparently, Barbara is an “unsuitable” name for a royal.. For the record, the odds are better for Arya, 100 to 1, than Daenerys or Cersei, both 1,000 to 1.

Whatever William and Kate pick, there will be plenty of room for multiple names, if their firstborn son’s full name is any precedent: George Alexander Louis. Twitter also had fun with names that should never, ever be considered.

In that instance, predictions that the couple would stick to tradition proved accurate. Tell us on our Facebook page where you’d put your money.

As one Twitter user noted, “royal baby” might make for a great hashtag, but it’s really not the best name for a child.

Alice, Charlotte and Olivia jockeyed for the top three spots after Catherine gave birth, switching positions throughout Saturday on various betting websites. Names of characters from “Game of Thrones” dominated this category, with the odds against anyone from the House of Lannister

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