With a showdown on July 9th and 10th, there is still plenty of time to get in on the action. Makes you think twice about playing at a casino online, does it not?

The entry fee for the 2011 Summer Challenge is $100 (three entry’s max per player), with the top ten finishers sharing pool percentage winnings.

As mentioned, online registration with Capital OTB is available for NYC residents (since 2008). If you’re up to attending the Finger Lakes racetrack in person, and getting in some casino bets at the same time, there are some great daily promotions to be had here, including a chance to win $250,000 instantly. Once registered, deposits can be made online through OTBPay.

Capital OTB’s most talked-about promotion this Summer is no doubt the 2011 Summer Challenge. All wagers have to be made on the day of (Friday) through one’s Captial Bets account. In addition to pool percentage winnings, the top two winners will receive a free trip to Las Vegas for The Orleans Fall Classic in October (airfare/hotel/entry fee).

But if you’re solely after some horseracing action and want to get some online wagers made on Finger Lakes races, the FingerLakesRacetrack.com website provides live streaming video and live race replays spanning several months.

And for the largest online promotion each month of the year through Finger Lakes, Capital OTB will give a $150 bonus to the account holder who makes the most wagers in a month.

Ongoing online promotions include the following:

In partnership with the Finger Lakes Casino and racetrack, where over 62,000 horse races have been hosted, Capital OTB is giving away a $25 deposit bonus every Friday to one lucky winner who gets online bets in on Races 3-8 at Fingerlakes. If you’re a resident of New York City, you can open a free online account at the Capital OTB website to take advantage of these offers.

The “challenge” covers four tracks (Belmont, Monmouth, Arlington Park and Hollywood), with each contestant making twelve $2 win and place wagers covering one horse per race on Saturday and Sunday, with two additional Straight Exacta bonus bets placed on Sunday.. Also on Friday of every week (Thursday’s too), Capital OBT account holders will receive double rewards points for all wagers made online at Finger Lakes.

As part of the New York Horseracing Online Promotions Series, here’s the latest online promotions being offered through the Capital OTB

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