And a nice conversation starter, too, no?

Its a truly glamorous pachyderm no maharaja could resist.

The black crystal stemware from the Harcourt 1841 Collection is also a black bling fantasy of mystery and seduction. It was pointed out to this Examiner by Jimnez that the stemware was created in 1825 for the Duke of Harcourt and then commissioned by King Louis-Philippe in 1841.

Dining Room

The new interior design features more or less five Baccarat rooms filled with the luxury designers handcrafted crystal collections:

In the hyper-attenuated world that is New York City there is the drumbeat of au courant, the zeitgeist the breathless, relentless, never-ending excitement of lifestyle-defining artisans and their creations.

Narrow apperture: To restore the unity of the wines composition, the narrow aperture brings the aromas back together, and also feels very comfortable against the lips.

Anything with the red or pink color in the glass mixed and matched with the Massna stemware.

While the initial, interest in Baccarat for this Examiners column was the unmatched craftsmanship and exceptional design of their extraordinary vessels to embrace and showcase drinks from champagne to wine to water

Its an astonishing example of the companys passion for artistic excellence.

Its so French to design with wine in mind:

Further this Hero Wall of design as Jimnez refers to it, changes every month so visit frequently for inspiration and awe.


And the perfect hostess gift from The Big Apple are the Baccarat white and red crystal apples at a modest price of $100.. They refer to it as an experiential destination.

Research shows Baccarat doesnt just create dramatic crystal art to admire but the company has long collaborated with winemakers and vineyards to create stemware that harmonizes with the nectar of the gods.

Jaime Jimnez, Director, Marketing & Communications, is the very knowledgeable and gracious Baccarat executive who explained how the street level store at 60th Street and the interior design was undertaken in order to make their outreach so much more customer-friendly.

The Flower Collection and crystal butterflies and the Baccarat Zoo Collection are particularly alluring.

Better still: Baccarat is presenting a new edition of the royal Harcourt 1841 Louis Philippe Glass, with its six elegant flat cuts accented by a regal red crystal.

The Rafael de Crdenas-designed architecture and dcor at the new Baccarat store is not unlike a museum but friendly and more readily digestible.

This would look fabulous at the Holiday dinner table or Valentines Day or Independence Day or

So its no small invitation to ignore when this Examiner received an invitation to preview their newly renovated space and flagship store in Manhattan whilst nibbling hors doueveres and sipping frequent champagne partner: Ruinart Champagne (together these two old-guard French artists Ruinart is the oldest champagne house – sponsor events at The New York Botanical Garden.)

And to take home what will sure to be a treasured work of crystal art; build a personal collection. Pair it with a Philip Starck Baccarat black chandelier and The Harcourt Abysse $6,000-plus caviar set, created for Baccarat by Thomas Bastide in a 30s-era design, and channel Truman Capotes famous Black & White Ball.

And who wouldnt love plunking a few ice cubes into The Harmonie Happy Hours glass for Cocktail Hour? The collection is notable for its streamlined lean form, like a clear crystal column.

Fantasy Baccarat tablescape?

The Jewelry Bar sparkles with nature and architecture-inspired creations from in-house designer and Eli Topp, accessory designer for Lanvin.

And then.

The store also features whimsical and affordable jewelry if ones budget and to-do list doesnt include the chandelier or the Elephant.


Think of the dazzling chandeliers as Table Tiaras.

And then there is that blissful reminder that a true style icon is among us.

Accent with a few elegant, seasonal floral displays, twinkling candles, and the family china and its photo opp memory creation featuring exquisite crystal art.

NYC 10022

Jewelry Bar

Lighting Room

Nice to have so much history on the dining table.

And the company knows a thing or two about museums they have two of their own: the Muse Baccarat in Baccarat, Meurthe-et-Moselle and the Galerie-Muse Baccarat, on the Place des tats-Unis in Paris.

Puts all the hyper, brand-centric, cant wait to be the it and go-to wanna-bes in check.

The company proudly notes its a leader in high-end and exclusive crystal products since its founding in 1764.

The Massna Stemware features Deep orgue bevel cuts are etched directly into the clear crystal, irradiating from the foot of the glass to the base of the wide bowl.

Baccarat NYC

Here are three key considerations they utilize to fashion the glass and to bear in mind when selecting stemware for a gift, bridal registry or home use:

Visit the new Madison Avenue location for several reasons: mainly to understand and appreciate what artisanal craftsmanship is all about. They can boast they have the highest concentration of the Best Craftsmen in France: Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best French Craftsmen),

What no one can miss is the heart-clutching Baccarat chandelier collection at the front of the store.

Baccarat was after all, the first to create colored crystal.

Baccarats famous flat facet cut magnifies the light in crystal.

If you can take your gaze away from the crystals that shine like stars, the Icon Wall beckons.

It was a delightful discovery to learn so much more about this hallowed French luxury brand.

635 Madison Avenue

And their gold ruby red is a hallmark design element in pieces from their chandeliers to the stemware.

Sloped Bowl: For the aromatic range to fully express itself, the sloped bowl allows the alcohola volatile liquidto condense, thus leaving the richness of the bouquet to fill up the glass as the wine is swiveled.

The $75,000.00 Elephant is this years 2013-featured work of art. Gently, without coarseness, the wine consequently preserves its aromatic structure.


the curated collection includes the Massna Stemware and the Harmonie Barware. 212-826-4100

Of note is the Baccarat Harcourt service.

Rounded angle and wide base: For the wine to move horizontally without the alcohol climbing up the inner walls of the glass, the wide base and the rounded angle of the bowl protect the subtle aromas from the sting of oxidation.


While not all of the French luxury designs are on display they create approximately 175 products – from table accessories to decanters to martini glasses to toasting glasses, bowls and pitchers —,en_US,sc.html?pageview=list)

True Performance Art dont you agree?

Most Americans can hardly conceive of a recognizable, classic brand that has endured for nearly 300 years — or before this country toasted our Revolution.

In the highly polished, glimmering silver and grey Dining Room lit by two sexy Mille Nuits chandeliers are Baccarats stemware and barware.

Therefore the stemware and barware and dining glass collections capture more light and shine with romance and elegance in both candlelight and daylight.

Its artisans and designers have been a leading lifestyle arbiter of taste for oh 250 years. The Walls Nordic black granite is a dramatic showcase or backdrop for Baccarat art including glass sculpture.


Here, Baccarat entices passerbys to enter and discover a world apart

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