States such as California and New Jersey pay more than $50,000 to personal bankers, whereas, Texas and Ohio pay a little less ($40,000 p.a.) in comparison to the others. Bank of America considers these duties a must-have for every applicant who dreams of a successful banking career. Mergers, acquisitions, and unifications have taken up on more and more automated services, thereby, making it all the more difficult for a consumer to seek personal service with reference to banking. The more skilled a personal banker is, the more banking job opportunities he creates for himself.

Educational Requirements

In order to qualify as a personal banker, a banking aspirant need not require a proper college degree. However, it also depends on the city, and the bank one is working in. To start with, he advises his client to invest in options that make up for the most lucrative bets. Personal bankers, in simple terms, offer personal service to a selected number of clients with specific requirements with respect to banking. It is their duty to train the newbies in account representation along with other members of the branch, in order to effectively build up a team of skilled bankers. Lastly, he should be well-versed with all the banking bits and nuances, with the ability to deal with multiple clients at the same time.

Pay Scale

Their average salary ranges well between $30,000 and $45,000 annually, to start with. The cut-throat competition between banks spurs demand for financial analysts and personal bankers, thereby, offering a number of career opportunities to banking aspirants. All in all, the following is a list of duties that make up for an all-inclusive job description of people in this field. Today, in order to minimize complications and introduce maximum assistance, banks all over the world offer the service of personal bankers for their users. However, many banks do require training in federal banking regulations, for the banking aspirant to have an idea of the kind of work he or she is going to deal with. Banks may have introduced services such as twenty-four-seven toll-free calling, online banking, ATMs, et al, for their consumers to seek assistance. Not to forget, he is fully knowledgeable about the various services and offerings the bank has to put forth, so that the client easily fetches solutions and answers for irrelevant charges and inexplicable faults that he experiences, time and again.

With proficiency in areas of a teller, a safe deposit, vault, processing lines of credit, discoursing credit applications, the resume of personal bankers is incomplete without the mention of effective leadership, training and support. The Bank of America itself states that a personal banker, on an average, mints good $39,000 on an annual basis. The personal banker is cognizant of the types of loans and mortgage alternatives that are available at the cheapest expense, and have full information on the current market trends. Instead, one just needs to have a high school diploma, along with prior experience in customer service and sales, so that it is easy for him to deal with a variety of clients. At last, it’s totally your call to make the most of the never-ending career opportunities that the world of banking has to put forth.

. The following content proffers information about their job profile, salary range in the field of personal banking, and job outlook for those looking forward to make a career in banking; personal banking, to be precise.

Job Profile/Nature of Work

A personal banker does a number of things. Hence, this allows banks to incorporate as many financial and insurance services to their clients. Take a look:

Primary and secondary responsibilities Supervisory duties Responding to customer needs and concerns Quoting rates and programs for loan customer requests Performing occasional sales reporting Opening deposit accounts Taking loan applications Environmental and physical activities Supporting fellow associates Career Prospects

The banking industry is prone to deregulation more than any other economic sector. As for now, job prospects are good, and salary range is all but disappointing for aspirants.

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For all individuals interested in the field of personal banking, the information presented above must have given a nudge in the direction of banking. However, in a world so complicated, customers often get irritated by the intricacies the world of banking holds, thus, wishing they had an individual to assist them on a personal basis. It is for those innocent consumers who, sometimes, are tongue-tied over why were they charged a certain amount for free service, or which is the best loan service they can opt for, that the job of a ‘personal banker’ holds utmost significance. For these banking professionals, the list of career prospects involves various opportunities right from the birth of an individual, up till their retirement. However, it would prove to be beneficial for the client only if the personal banker is well-versed with the money market rates, with zero flaws in the money market accounts

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