His son is still having post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident with the escaped convict. Parker does not allow any guns in his house or anything said that could upset his children.

The case has the city on edge, and a DC Policeman (Gabriel Hogan) is assigned as the liaison between the police department and the FBI. From there the FBI gets information how to deliver twenty million dollars to a specified location or else another mass murder will occur in 24 hours.

A letter with the instructions is the only thing law enforcement has to try to connect the crime to the murderer. It is like an upside-down comma dotting the i and j. It proves that made-for-TV movies can be just as interesting and entertaining as those made for the big screen.

As for the title of this story The Devils Teardrop, Parker explains it is a specific mark made by some peoples handwriting. When she appears a little distraught, her colleague introduces her to a former FBI agent Parker Kincaid (Tom Everett Scott. His forte is documents and he is pulled into this case to read between the lines, literally, of the letter that was left for the FBI.. But they soon discover someone else is pulling the strings. Parker left the bureau several years before after an incident in which someone he helped to convict escaped and broke into his house, terrorizing his young son. Between everyone, they should be able to predict where the shooter will strike next.

Another stressor in his life is his ex-wife Joan (Rena Sofer). And Natasha Henstridges first major role was in the 1995 film Species. Seeing how he puts the clues together is definitely an education into understanding how people think.

Rena Sofer got her start acting in Soap Operas. He now spends his time authenticating old documents. There are two people involved in this act: one gives the orders and the other pulls the trigger.

Natasha Henstridge, Tom Everett Scott and Rena Sofer

Natasha Henstridge stars as Margaret Lukas, the FBI agent in charge of the case. The clues he picks up from the words, handwriting, and particles on the letter are interesting. Handwriting analysis and other clues make this an intriguing mystery to watch unfold.

The Devil's Teardrop on Lifetime Movie NetworkThe Devils Teardrop is based on the mystery novel by best-selling author Jeffery Deaver. While Parker is secretly helping the FBI, he has other problems to deal with. She is re-petitioning the court for custody of their two children.

Handwriting Analysis

While all of this goes on in the background, Parker still decides to do what he can to help the FBI track down this mass murderer. It begins with a mystery man gunning down a bunch of people at a train station in Washington, D.C. She has most recently been in NCIS as well as appeared in several other TV shows and movies. Tom Everett Scott first came to the publics attention in the 1996 feature film That Thing You Do! Since then he has appeared in several TV series and films. While they were married her alcoholism caused problems in their life but now she is sober and engaged. She recently starred in the TV series Eli Stone.

The Devils Teardrop premiers August 8, 2010 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on Lifetime Movie Network

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