In other Anfield Cat news, Metro UK is reporting that Anfield Cat has been claimed by a local Liverpool man who says it is the offspring of his own pet cat Pako. A musician named Vom Vorton has released an original song called “Cat on the Pitch” (watch above) that has started making its way around the internet. Another local resident claims that Anfield Cat’s real name is actually “Socks”, however, and that he’s a stray who spends most of his time roaming the area close to Anfield.

As far as modern soccer internet celebrities, they might not come much bigger than the Anfield Cat.

The online community isn’t through feting the famous feline just yet, however. During the match, a fan registered the Twitter name @AnfieldCat, and the account now has over 50,000 followers.. a quick hint: he has a ponytail).

Either way, don’t be surprised if this story, and the puns that are sure to accompany its coverage, go on to have a full nine lives.


For the uninitiated, Anfield Cat is the cat that “stormed” the Anfield grounds during last week’s Liverpool-Spurs match and held up play for three minutes. The song itself is quite catchy, and even pokes fun at one of Liverpool’s most notorious big-money busts of all time (listen to the song to find out whom it is ..

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