Users will be able to search their neighborhoods for Pok?mon with the app prompting when there’s a Pok?mon nearby or another player looking for a challenge.

Players who want a chance to see Pok?mon Go for themselves will have to wait. (We already have a real-world Jynx, after all.) It’s a damn cool time to be a Pok?mon fan, and based on the characters who pop up in the teaser, the companies involved (Niantic, Inc., The Pok?mon Company, and Nintendo) are going after the nostalgia crowd who have only pledged loyalty to the original 150.”

Pok?mon Go is taking the popular Nintendo game where it’s never gone before, and experts say it could be the game-changer the series needs.

“Imagine, for example, having to travel to an actual volcano to capture a Charizard–Pok?mon are region-specific, after all. Imagine making eye contact with another stranger, and feeling the need to challenge them right there, just like you would in the games. Kotaku noted the key to the success of Pok?mon Go will be Niantic, the developers working on the game. The game is set to be released sometime in 2016.

To get a better idea, here is the official promotional video Nintendo has released to announce Pok?mon Go.

The initial download of Pok?mon Go will be free, but like almost all free games there will be plenty of opportunities to deposit real money for upgrades and other perks.

The game was a wild success, Kotaku noted, and commented on just how big Pok?mon Go could be.

[Image courtesy of The Pok?mon Company via YouTube/The Official Pok?mon Channel]

Entertainment Weekly noted there are some drawbacks — like more reticent users who might not feel comfortable striking up a game with a stranger — but said the concept sounds revolutionary.. Imagine banding together with other players to form a real-world Team Rocket, whose sole aim is to cause havoc and steal Pok?mon–Ingress certainly had its share of trolls.”

Pokmon Go Could Revolutionize The Popular Nintendo Series, Experts Say

The video game company announced the Pok?mon Go game this week, an iPhone and Android-compatible app that will allow users to take their battles into the real world. The company’s previous game, Ingress, allows people to use smartphones to set up portals that other users can fight to control.

“All-in, Pok?mon GO sounds insane — and fantastic, if you’ve been holding out hope that your childhood faith in full Pok?mon immersion would one day be rewarded

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