Another nice feature is the glass options. If customers need to match a specific shade, the company also makes custom colors. The ProLine is a sliding model that is clad in aluminum. Rave reviews from customers demonstrate m88 bet why these products rank among the best. Weather stripping creates an effective barrier while a lifetime limited warranty guarantees your satisfaction for many years to come. In addition, you can decide upon how many panels are appropriate for your space. The accordion style mechanism can give your home the openness that comes with swinging styles combined with the compactness of a sliding model.


Materials like steel used in the frame and doors can provide better security for your home, making it more difficult for burglars to gain access. This isn’t the kind of project you’ll want to do every few years, so it makes sense to read some reviews to make sure you’re getting a highly rated product that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.


This manufacturer produces some of the best rated doors on the market today. Additionally, the glass used by some manufacturers is of heavier construction and features a double paned design that makes it virtually impossible to break through.

Designs for patio doors have come a long way since the days when they were constructed of ordinary glass and a simple sliding frame. Materials like vinyl, fiberglass and wood are all available. They keep the elements out and reduce your energy bills. Raised panels give the doors a sophisticated aesthetic. Newer, folding models are also enjoying popularity. J.D. Only natural, durable wood is used to construct the frame, meaning that this product is built to last for years. This is a brand that homeowners can definitely trust.


This company’s Solid Oak Finished Folding Doors offer an innovative accordion opening mechanism paired with attractive oak styling. This makes it possible for the portal to match the rest of the interior decor in your house. One of the main attractions for Kolbe & Kolbe models is the sheer variety of colors they offer. Swing or French styles allow the homeowner to really open up the room. The products feature western pine lumber that has been treated with a water based mixture. A wide array of windows are also made by this manufacturer.

Kolbe & Kolbe

The Ultra series features frames that are clad in aluminum.

The best rated patio doors provide homeowners with comfort, convenience and security. In addition, frames are specially treated to make them resistant to all sorts of pest and weather related damage. Today’s designs offer the latest in technological innovation with components like low-E glass that truly helps to keep the elements outdoors. Grilles can be placed in the airspace between the two panes of glass. With a sliding version, an open portal does not eat up valuable square footage, but it’s impossible to ever completely open the door. A patio entryway just might be the perfect way for you to completely coordinate the look of a room.

Energy Efficiency

Decreasing the amount you pay for your utility bills is another great reason to shop for new patio doors. Not only are they functional, but they are also attractive. Doors with these dimensions allow even more natural light to spill into the kitchen, bedroom or living room and make a dramatic visual statement.

Swinging or Sliding

Most homeowners must decide between swinging and sliding styles. While it used to be common for these portals to be the same height as the front entry door, recent trends are showing a preference for portals that are nine or 10 feet in height. Kolbe & Kolbe also offers a number of different design options with the Ultra series. Ultra models are available in 22 standard colors. Both panels swing open and the design incorporates some of the most advanced thermodynamic techniques to ensure energy efficiency. Customers have a range of colors to choose from. A new door can genuinely transform how much you pay on your energy bill every month. The lumber can be painted or stained to match the customer’s décor.

Customer Reviews

Any of these highly rated products improve the value of your home. The ability to customize the appearance of these doors definitely works in their favor. Many of the newer models feature glass that effectively keeps the heat out in the summer and keeps the cold out in the winter. In particular, their Double Hinged French Doors are popular, beautiful and secure with their multi-point locking hardware. You can decide upon standard glass or opt for low-E insulating glass that is filled with argon gas for optimal energy efficiency.


This manufacturer produces a full line of sliding and French style models. Albery tests the doors to ensure energy efficiency and smooth opening and closing action.


This manufacturer produces high quality products at surprisingly affordable prices. A removable grill is yet another design option.


This well-known manufacturer created the upscale Pozzi line. Pair a door update with some new windows, and you’ll quickly discover just how much you can save with these energy-efficient products.

Ratings on the Best Models

A new patio entryway is a major investment for most homeowners. Two, three or four panel versions are all a standard part of the line and they can be ordered in custom sizes as well. The best of these models are aesthetically beautiful as well, allowing in plenty of natural light and bringing a stylish sophistication to any room they occupy.

Modern Innovations

Patio doors may be made of traditional materials like oak or be designed for the ultimate in security by using metal. In the height of summer, you can open these doors to give the room the feeling that your garden is actually coming into your home. Power and Associates has named Simonton as the highest-ranking manufacturer in customer satisfaction for several years. The treatment is absorbed into the wood, effectively making it decay resistant. It will also not absorb more water and is resistant to termites. A modern patio portal can actually enhance the security of your home.

A Variety of Colors

Part of the appeal of modern patio doors is their diversity. With almost endless opportunities for customization, these doors are an asset to any home.. However, when the doors are opened, they may take up considerable space. It significantly improves the home’s appearance and increases its energy efficiency. Frames and doors feature colors like black and white, but it’s just as common to see natural wood grain in a variety of finishes. Better insulation also decreases the drafts coming into your home

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