Free Fantasy Sports Streak Games and Contests with Cash and Prizes

If you get it wrong, your streak resets to zero. If you get your pick correct, your streak goes up. You do not have to pick everyday, but you must pick once every six days to keep your streak alive.

Many of the picks are not just picking which team will win. My longest streak was seven in a row and my girlfriend had 11 in a row during basketball season. is a sports betting information website that runs a free streak style contest with a fun88 login top prize of $100,000. See the table to the right for a breakdown of the prizes.

Only having the option of picking one game a day makes this contest one of my favorites. Each day you can make one pick from a list of games that chooses. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it is a contest that a smart sports fan has a reasonable shot at winning. Other prizes are available for smaller streaks. Basketball and football include picking ATS (against the spread), which makes the closest thing to actually betting on sports on this list.

The ultimate goal is to build a streak of 24 correct picks for the overall grand prize of $100,000. We have found that during basketball season it was much easier to find a good pick than it has been during baseball season.

Nevada legalizes online gambling – CBS News

Gov. Chris Christie previously vetoed an online wagering bill but has indicated he may sign an amended version next week.

“As to our competitor, New Jersey, they should be accustomed to following Nevada,” he said.

“This was a lot of work and it couldn’t have been done without the governor’s leadership and vision,” he said.

Partnering with other states gives Nevada an expanded customer market and provides other states with Nevada’s expertise in gambling regulation.

Several other states began looking into online gambling after the Department of Justice issued a letter in 2011 stating that the federal Wire Act of 1961, often used to crack down on gambling over the Internet, only applies to sports betting.

CARSON CITY, Nev. New Jersey Gov. Nevada wanted to beat New Jersey, its East Coast casino rival, to the online gambling punch. It sailed through both the Assembly and Senate on Thursday after a joint hearing before the two judiciary committees.

The benefit for other states, he said, is Nevada’s “most mature regulatory infrastructure.”

Sandoval and Nevada legislative leaders said it was important for Nevada to remain at the forefront of gambling regulation.

“It’s imperative for the success of this that we compact with other states because we don’t have a universe of players,” Ernaut said.

Lawmakers in 2011 passed a bill that put Nevada in position to legalize Internet gambling if the federal government sanctioned it. Sandoval had pushed for companies that want to offer online gambling to pay a $500,000 fee, while Horne, in the original bill draft, proposed $1 million.

. Senate m88 and Assembly judiciary committees approved it, sending it to the Assembly where it passed unanimously. A renewal fee was set at $250,000.

“This is an historic day for the great state of Nevada,” Sandoval said, flanked by dozens of state lawmakers. Brian Sandoval signed legislation Thursday legalizing online gambling in Nevada, capping a dizzying day at the Legislature as lawmakers passed the bill through the Assembly and Senate as an emergency measure.

He praised legislators for their swift action and commended Assembly Majority Leader William Horne, a Democrat from Las Vegas, for shepherding the bill.

Horne couldn’t resist at jab at Nevada’s gambling rivals.

Horne, in turn, had equal accolades for the Republican governor.

The measure makes Nevada the first state in the country to approve interstate online gaming, notes CBS Las Vegas affiliate KLAS-TV, adding that it was put on the fast track Thursday. The Senate passed it at midday and sent it to the governor’s desk for signature.

“We have the most mature financial, auditing and collection capabilities, much greater than some of those states, and they have the players,” he said.

AB114 authorizes Nevada to enter into compacts with other states to offer Internet poker. “Today I sign into law the framework that will usher in the next frontier of gaming in Nevada.”

Gambling regulators will now come up with regulations dictating compact parameters.

Pete Ernaut, a lobbyist representing the Nevada Resort Association, said expanding the customer base was key.

AG Burnett, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, said the state already has about 20 applications from various operators, equipment and software vendors to be licensed for online gambling.

The bill approved Thursday resolved a disagreement between Horne and the governor’s office over licensing fees. But when those efforts failed in Congress, Sandoval said Nevada would work toward agreements with other states.

Sandoval, a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission added, “This bill is critical to our state’s economy and ensures that we will continue to be the gold standard for gaming regulation.”

Under a compromise, the fee was set at $500,000, though it gives the Nevada Gaming Commission authority to change the amount

Don’t Be a Square: 10 Tips for Betting on Football

“Because alcohol clouds your judgment and usually helps you to make rash decisions you usually wouldn’t otherwise make. “Squares usually bet later in the week and they tend to pick the favorites. The NFL, for example, will have very similar numbers at most of the betting shops you visit.

Ted Sevransky, a well-known Las Vegas gambler and sports consultant with, agrees.

3. “Common wisdom says that over the course of a long football season the average man or woman will pick approximately 50 percent winners.

7. “Over the course of several seasons, the percentage of bettors who turn a profit is minuscule.”

“Most people with an understanding of football gambling bet between 3 percent and 5 percent of their bankroll, increasing when they win and reducing when they lose,” Vaccaro says. Otherwise, you’re better off doing your own research.”

“The biggest mistake that amateur bettors make is they increase their bets when they are losing,” Sevransky says.

“The talking heads on TV know nothing about sports betting,” says Sevransky. So underdogs tend to be slightly undervalued – except by the sharps.”

So, how much are we gambling each football season?

5. In fact, sports bettors must pick 52.4 percent winners just to break even.” . “The key to proper money management is to be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose.”

Even Hollywood is not immune – think Two for the Money with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey.

While these tips don’t guarantee you’re going to win, hopefully they can make you a little less square and a little more sharp in your picks this season. Research Football Services – “Most sports services realize that most people who sign up with them are insecure,” Gordon warns. There are almost an infinite number of scenarios that can happen in a single football game.

Also, it’s probably a good idea to disregard advice from the myriad of ex-players and football experts you see on television each week. Avoid Exotic Bets – “For very skilled handicappers, with a proven track record, there can, at least in theory, be value in betting parlays,” says Gordon on the type of bet that combines two or more individual wagers. “As for me, the best bet in football is betting the point spread or over/under totals on individual games. Thanks to the juice, the only one who profits in this scenario is the bookmaker. If you are going to go with a favorite, it is best to place your bet early in the week when the sharps are laying heavy money on the points. Money Management – “This is without a doubt the most important aspect of betting on sports and possibly the most neglected,” says Morey “Doc” Moseman, a professional gambler and sports consultant with for nearly 40 years. Focus on Conferences – “The best way to win money betting football is to develop a niche and follow it closely,” Moseman advises. “In the NFL, a game will often be totally turned around by one or two plays, or even a single penalty. He loses year after year, according to Dan Gordon, a top football handicapper and author of How to Beat the Sports Books (Cardoza Publishing 2005). “Teams play inspired ball at home. Locks Don’t Exist – “Anyone who has watched sports for about a month realizes that the difference between winning and losing, especially against the spread, can be infinitesimally small,” Gordon says. The only touts bettors should consider are the ones who talk about the long haul and realistic winning percentages, which are in the upper 50 percent to lower 60 percent range.”

1. Bet at the Right Time – “The sharp bettors tend to bet underdogs, and they tend to bet them early,” Moseman says.

Michael Konik, a sports writer and best-selling author of The Smart Money (Simon & Schuster 2006), explains why it is so hard for the recreational gambler to win m88 sportbook at betting on football. If North Texas is his best bet on a Saturday then that is his bet. But, when you’re struggling, that’s when you want to reduce your bet size until you get out of your slump. “In trying to bamboozle potential customers, many services make claims about having scouts all over the country that give them inside information and promise 70 or even 80 percent winners, as if the bookmakers were the biggest suckers in the world. He is not taken in by being involved in USC-Notre Dame just because it is the biggest watched game of the day. If you like an underdog, it is best to get your bet in as late as possible, where there is heavy action from squares on favorites. “When you’re in a good rhythm and winning, you want to increase your bets. Shop For Numbers – “Another important aspect of betting on football is shopping for the best number,” Moseman explains. Not all games work according to this formula, but it is usually a good rule of thumb.”

But that doesn’t mean you have to bet like a “square” and throw away your hard-earned money.

10. Drinking and Gambling Don’t Mix – “There is a reason the casinos in Las Vegas supply you with free drinks while you are gambling,” Moseman says. “There will be more discrepancy in the numbers at different sports books.

Betting on football games; whether it’s through a local bookie, an offshore Internet site or a Nevada casino (still the only legal place in America to make football bets), most of us have done it or know of someone who has. “Most people prefer to bet on the ‘better’ team, the one that will probably win the game. Avoid Chasing Bets – “Don’t do it! There is no worse way to mismanage your bankroll than to chase your bets after a losing day,” cautions Moseman on the dangerous practice of trying to immediately win back your losses.

So, is it possible for the average square to become a little sharper in making football bets this season? According to professionals like Vacarro, Konik and Gordon, amateur bettors have the best chance to win if they demonstrate a little patience and follow the 10 basic tips below. The payout is just the same as far as he is concerned. “For example, if you have a $1,000 bankroll for the season, you should generally bet no more than $50 a game.”

And where does all that money go?

4. If you want advice about sports betting, find someone who has a successful track record.

Although exact figures are impossible to calculate, according to Jimmy Vaccaro, widely considered to be Las Vegas’ most influential bookmaker, Americans probably wager more than $50 billion a year on NFL and college football combined. “If you listen to their advice, you are sure to lose. “If you become an expert on a smaller conference like the WAC, you have a good chance to beat the house because sports book operators do not have the time or resources to follow this conference the way you can. Oakland comes to mind) seem like the Super Bowl. “The sharps are usually members of a betting syndicate privy to the most up-to-date information on injuries, weather, game plans, and, most important, the real power of the teams involved.

8. And why not? We have unconditional love for the sport and betting $50 or $100 on a game adds an extra rush of adrenaline. “He is not jaded by teams and does not bet with his heart. Chasing losses is the fastest way to the poor house.”

So, how much should you bet a game?

“A square is the average, unsophisticated gambler whose decision making is based on hunches, media manipulation, or spurious systems that cannot overcome the bookmaker’s inherent mathematical advantage,” Konik explains. Slim underdogs regularly win outright. These books change their numbers according to the betting patterns of their customers, so it is not entirely uncommon to find two or three point differences in the lines.”

“A sharp or smart has a plan of what he wants to do,” says Vaccaro, the director of sports operations and public relations at Lucky’s Race and Sports Book in Las Vegas. Also, being “in action” can make a dull late-afternoon game (Buffalo vs. Consider Underdogs – “In the long-run, it’s easier to win betting on the underdog,” Konik says.

“The bookies fear and despise a tiny coterie of professional bettors known as ‘the sharps,’” Konik says.

And remember, in the immortal words of “Fast” Eddie Felson, “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

2. Giving 11 to 10 odds is almost always the cheapest price you can give.”

“There is probably no better bet in sports than playing an underdog at home,” Moseman says. To be a successful sports bettor you need to operate with a clear mind.”

“A square or recreational player might have a vague plan, but after two Corona’s he will definitely run to the window and make a hasty decision on the USC-Notre Dame game because he wants to be involved in the party atmosphere,” Vaccaro says.

“In an average season, fewer than one bettor in twelve turns a profit,” Gordon says. “Thus, the bookies love and cherish the squares.”

But even though the math says it’s virtually impossible to win on a consistent basis, Americans continue to bet on football.

Certainly not back into the pockets of the average bettor. There is a wealth of information on the Internet; it is just up to you to find it and research it daily.”

“The standard bet requires gamblers to lay $11 for every $10 they want to win with the extra $1 or 10 percent known as the juice,” Konik says. On college you will be able to find different lines at different sports books.

However, Konik adds that there are some bettors who actually know how to beat the bookies. Big underdogs often find ways to cover the spread and they rarely give up toward the end of a game in front of the home crowd.”

Moseman agrees and especially likes home underdogs. The only locks that exist are those that need keys to open them.”

9. They use powerful computers that can process millions of bits of data and produce a more accurate point-spread line than the bookmakers.”


Another difference between squares and sharps is how they approach betting on game day.

Newspapers and popular sports sites routinely publish the lines or point spreads for games, and football insiders offer their picks to viewers each week on ESPN and other cable networks

The Best Rated Patio Doors Give Homeowners Energy Efficiency and Timeless Style

Another nice feature is the glass options. If customers need to match a specific shade, the company also makes custom colors. The ProLine is a sliding model that is clad in aluminum. Rave reviews from customers demonstrate m88 bet why these products rank among the best. Weather stripping creates an effective barrier while a lifetime limited warranty guarantees your satisfaction for many years to come. In addition, you can decide upon how many panels are appropriate for your space. The accordion style mechanism can give your home the openness that comes with swinging styles combined with the compactness of a sliding model.


Materials like steel used in the frame and doors can provide better security for your home, making it more difficult for burglars to gain access. This isn’t the kind of project you’ll want to do every few years, so it makes sense to read some reviews to make sure you’re getting a highly rated product that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.


This manufacturer produces some of the best rated doors on the market today. Additionally, the glass used by some manufacturers is of heavier construction and features a double paned design that makes it virtually impossible to break through.

Designs for patio doors have come a long way since the days when they were constructed of ordinary glass and a simple sliding frame. Materials like vinyl, fiberglass and wood are all available. They keep the elements out and reduce your energy bills. Raised panels give the doors a sophisticated aesthetic. Newer, folding models are also enjoying popularity. J.D. Only natural, durable wood is used to construct the frame, meaning that this product is built to last for years. This is a brand that homeowners can definitely trust.


This company’s Solid Oak Finished Folding Doors offer an innovative accordion opening mechanism paired with attractive oak styling. This makes it possible for the portal to match the rest of the interior decor in your house. One of the main attractions for Kolbe & Kolbe models is the sheer variety of colors they offer. Swing or French styles allow the homeowner to really open up the room. The products feature western pine lumber that has been treated with a water based mixture. A wide array of windows are also made by this manufacturer.

Kolbe & Kolbe

The Ultra series features frames that are clad in aluminum.

The best rated patio doors provide homeowners with comfort, convenience and security. In addition, frames are specially treated to make them resistant to all sorts of pest and weather related damage. Today’s designs offer the latest in technological innovation with components like low-E glass that truly helps to keep the elements outdoors. Grilles can be placed in the airspace between the two panes of glass. With a sliding version, an open portal does not eat up valuable square footage, but it’s impossible to ever completely open the door. A patio entryway just might be the perfect way for you to completely coordinate the look of a room.

Energy Efficiency

Decreasing the amount you pay for your utility bills is another great reason to shop for new patio doors. Not only are they functional, but they are also attractive. Doors with these dimensions allow even more natural light to spill into the kitchen, bedroom or living room and make a dramatic visual statement.

Swinging or Sliding

Most homeowners must decide between swinging and sliding styles. While it used to be common for these portals to be the same height as the front entry door, recent trends are showing a preference for portals that are nine or 10 feet in height. Kolbe & Kolbe also offers a number of different design options with the Ultra series. Ultra models are available in 22 standard colors. Both panels swing open and the design incorporates some of the most advanced thermodynamic techniques to ensure energy efficiency. Customers have a range of colors to choose from. A new door can genuinely transform how much you pay on your energy bill every month. The lumber can be painted or stained to match the customer’s décor.

Customer Reviews

Any of these highly rated products improve the value of your home. The ability to customize the appearance of these doors definitely works in their favor. Many of the newer models feature glass that effectively keeps the heat out in the summer and keeps the cold out in the winter. In particular, their Double Hinged French Doors are popular, beautiful and secure with their multi-point locking hardware. You can decide upon standard glass or opt for low-E insulating glass that is filled with argon gas for optimal energy efficiency.


This manufacturer produces a full line of sliding and French style models. Albery tests the doors to ensure energy efficiency and smooth opening and closing action.


This manufacturer produces high quality products at surprisingly affordable prices. A removable grill is yet another design option.


This well-known manufacturer created the upscale Pozzi line. Pair a door update with some new windows, and you’ll quickly discover just how much you can save with these energy-efficient products.

Ratings on the Best Models

A new patio entryway is a major investment for most homeowners. Two, three or four panel versions are all a standard part of the line and they can be ordered in custom sizes as well. The best of these models are aesthetically beautiful as well, allowing in plenty of natural light and bringing a stylish sophistication to any room they occupy.

Modern Innovations

Patio doors may be made of traditional materials like oak or be designed for the ultimate in security by using metal. In the height of summer, you can open these doors to give the room the feeling that your garden is actually coming into your home. Power and Associates has named Simonton as the highest-ranking manufacturer in customer satisfaction for several years. The treatment is absorbed into the wood, effectively making it decay resistant. It will also not absorb more water and is resistant to termites. A modern patio portal can actually enhance the security of your home.

A Variety of Colors

Part of the appeal of modern patio doors is their diversity. With almost endless opportunities for customization, these doors are an asset to any home.. However, when the doors are opened, they may take up considerable space. It significantly improves the home’s appearance and increases its energy efficiency. Frames and doors feature colors like black and white, but it’s just as common to see natural wood grain in a variety of finishes. Better insulation also decreases the drafts coming into your home

Impact of Internet Gambling

They feel the need to gamble with big amounts of money. Gambling is betting money and running the risk of losing it. They tend to risk huge amounts and are unable to resist the temptation to do so.

The biggest disadvantage of Internet gambling is the waste of valuable time and money of the individual involved. Its rising popularity is stealing a lot of productive time of those addicted to it. Hackers can easily access such user details and breach information security.

Pathological gambling disorder has symptoms similar to addiction. Lack of central regulation gives rise to the spread of illegal practices and an unfair use of resources. Unregulated gambling practices may result in unwarranted expenditure of money and sheer waste of time.. Surveys have revealed that children and youngsters are the most affected and the easiest prey to offers.

Gambling that makes use of the Internet is known as Internet gambling. It describes a state wherein gambling-related behavior of a person hampers his/her personal and social life. Valuable resources that can rather be invested in constructive activities, are wasted in baits and bets.

Mostly, no government authority regulates online gambling. Internet gambling involves online fund transfers requiring the exchange of credit card details over the Internet. Repeated failures can breed feelings of inferiority, and in extreme cases, one may even lose interest in living.

Moreover, unregulated gambling provides network hackers with opportunities to gain easy access to the confidential information of web users. This can lead to heavy financial losses, and even bankruptcy. Youngsters, unaware of the long-term effects of this addiction, end up losing a lot of energy and money on it, and may develop health disorders. In the recent years, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of children and youngsters taking part in Internet gambling. Increase in the number of online casinos, rise in the popularity of games like online poker and bingo, and a steady increase in the number of children and teenagers getting addicted to it, does not paint a very good picture of the future of Internet use. It’s high time we realize the impact online gambling can have on us, and take steps towards curbing its popularity.

Excessive exposure to online gambling websites leads to addiction. These websites target youngsters, as it is easier to lure them with free gifts and discounts. Those with this disorder are always preoccupied with the thoughts of gambling. Recurrent losses can lead to frustration

Internet Gambling Facts and Problems

And it results in a splurge of money that can rather be utilized for better reasons.

. People who have never gained any exposure to land-based casinos or local bookies find online gambling enjoyable. Losing big money results in heavy financial losses, which can in turn lead to frustration.

? In most members of the European Union and the nations that surround the Caribbean Sea, different forms of Internet gambling are legalized.

? The Internet gambling industry is one of the most profitable ones today. Lacking regulation, these sites are vulnerable to attacks by network hackers. In an attempt to win more and more money, one continues staking it, even thoughtlessly at times. ? The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 is a federal law of the United States that prohibits the operation of certain kinds of betting practices in the country. There are various Internet gambling companies that offer users the option to play games and gamble online. However, if one is to think about the waste of productive time that online gambling results in, and the other problems that it can lead to, it becomes clear why one should stay away from online gambling or at least restrict the time spent on it.


? Gamblers seen around the world can be classified under a few basic categories.

? Gambling activities that involve online money transactions are a greater risk. However, there is no evidence to prove this, as casinos and race tracks are a more common and prominent reason behind the rise in money laundering.

? Internet gambling lacks a centralized regulation. With one’s money involved, there is also a risk of one’s financial or account information being hacked.


? In 2004, Google and Yahoo! declared the removal of online gambling advertisements from their websites.

For professional gamblers, it is their major source of income.

Casual social gamblers engage in gambling activities for the purpose of entertainment.

Serious social gamblers involve in gambling with great sincerity and may end up spending huge amounts on it.

? Some gamblers engage in gambling activities for escaping from the stress in their life. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States has proclaimed that the Federal Wire Act applies only to sports betting.

? An excessive exposure to Internet gambling activities can lead to addiction. Users can sign up to their websites and bet money through electronic transactions. It can lead to addiction among youngsters. A majority of children and youngsters are attracted to online gambling.

One of the major Internet gambling problems is its detrimental effect on society. A few occurrences of winning good amounts of money is enough to lure him into risking more. The lack of regulation makes online gambling a prey to network hackers. Online casinos, online poker, online sports betting, among others, are some of the common forms of Internet gambling. One of the most important advantages of Internet gambling is that it does not require you to leave your home. In this case, it can lead them to compulsive gambling wherein a person feels compelled to engage in gambling activities for which he/she sacrifices his family and career.

? It is said that money-laundering activities are common in case of online gambling. One instance of winning money is sufficient to tempt a user to bet more. But one cannot get lucky every time. As no government authority regulates online gambling, it can lead to the spread of several illegal practices. For more on this, you must read about the impact of Internet gambling. It leads to a waste of resources (time and money). Hackers gain easy access to confidential information of the users.

? It is commonly believed that there are higher chances of people getting addicted to Internet gambling than to other forms of it. Your favorite game is just a few clicks away.

The problems with Internet gambling mainly include the risk of addiction and that of the emergence and spread of illegal practices in society.

Internet gambling, as most of us know, is any form of gambling that makes use of the Internet. Once lured by the money that can be made through such activities, it’s not unnatural for a user to get addicted to this form of gambling

On the internet Casino – Entertainment 24/7

It seems increasingly more individuals are trying casino games on the internet every day. The reality is you would in no way do that, let alone imagine it. In the event you pay a visit to a web site 1st, they can offer you some crucial information first before generating a genuine income deposit. Certain a few of these casinos offer VIP clubs on certain casino games, most will possess a massive progressive jackpot situated on the casino floor and some will even supply luxury prizes like cars and trips. If each of the on-line casinos just threw away a large number of dollars it would not be the billion dollar market it is these days. It really is always greatest to evaluation casino websites initial and find out what other people may be saying. The causes for its vast reputation is basic – online casino players get more for their dollar than going to a brick and mortar casino. Naturally you’ll find terms and conditions ahead of withdrawing any monies. Another purpose for its reputation is deposit bonuses, or welcome bonuses. Caution is always suggested.

There are several different factors why online casino games are soaring in recognition; nevertheless a single stands out from the rest and that is certainly you get to play at no cost 1st. The on-line casino globe is very competitive and a lot of compete for the attention inside the best way they know how – by providing players cost-free resources, free of charge play and even totally free money.

By visiting an online casino, players can expect several perks including VIP programs. The top component of on the internet VIP programs is most will allow you to instantaneously join the minute you deposit a little fee. A few of the most effective casinos on-line provide cost-free game play and nearly all permit you to download the software for free. Like stated above it is a very competitive sector and new casinos appear to become popping up every single day. The brick and mortar casinos have a single golden rule in spot – ensure you’ve True funds prior to entering. The on-line casino even promotes the winners names and/or images so it is possible to get a look at their happy faces. For example, the very best casino will provide you in excess of $1000 Free of charge for just signing up.

Finding the best casino on the internet even so is where the true challenge lies. Visit my website and lean more about online casino methods.

When it comes to casino games, you’ll find all of your favorites which includes Blackjack, Video Poker, Keno, Scratch Cards and also massive progressive slots. So, in retrospect the a lot more you play casino on-line the far more income you are able to make by way of a VIP program.

Author’s Bio: 

Bryon is a fiction writer, poet, lyricist, documentarian, and did I mention poet? I have written over 1,700 pieces of flash fiction, a genre that, as the novel and the symphony once did, is just waiting for its time to shine.

The online casino sector is showing no signs of slowing down. Nevertheless, for all of this you’ll need to drop cash on the tables 1st – absolutely nothing is free of charge in Vegas.

When you want to play games for big prizes, you dont need to stand up from your chair, you can use online casinos to play games 24/7. With on the web casinos comes the fly by nights just wanting to steal your income. Take the Poker pros as an example; pros like Phil Ivey have become millionaires by simply playing poker on the internet.. This does not mean you do not win – in fact online casinos achievement is according to the fact that it does produce main winners. This way they start off your bankroll for you so you can continue to become entertained. These VIP programs also supply extraordinary prizes like trips and also the chance to exchange points for actual money. This way you take the necessary actions by playing it safe very first. The following large perk about playing casino online could be the bonuses for just signing up. Jackpots for progressive slots have already been known to reach the millions on-line

Trump nomination odds wane in online betting, third party run bets up | Reuters

The last brokered Republican convention was in 1948, when New York Governor Thomas Dewey won in three ballots. SAP had no editorial involvement in its creation or production.

Chances for a brokered convention closed at 40 percent on Thursday on record volume in betting on PredictIt after starting the week at 23 percent. 23. Neither candidate won the presidential election.

Chances that Trump would run as a third-party candidate have ticked higher, but it remains a long-shot in betting circles.

Online wagering venues such as Ireland’s PaddyPower, which express candidates’ prospects as traditional sports-betting odds, show Trump losing luster as Rubio and Cruz gain steam. senator from Florida, narrowed to 4-to-1 from 5-to-1 on Tuesday, and odds for Cruz, a U.S. 8 general election.

Clinton’s prospects of winning a head-to-head contest against Trump shot to above 60 percent earlier this week and stood at 57 percent on Friday, according to PredictIt. PredictIt put the chances of him running as an independent at 17 percent on Friday, from 14 percent on Thursday and 10 percent a week ago.

This article was funded in part by SAP. They were 39 percent early on Friday.

The billionaire businessman is still the prohibitive favorite, but it was the steepest slide in his imputed chances since his second-place showing in the Iowa caucuses on Feb. PredictIt is operated by Victoria University in New Zealand. major-party convention was in 1952 when Democrats nominated Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson on the third ballot.

Odds on Rubio, a U.S. senator from Texas, were 9-to-1 from 12-to-1 earlier this week.

(Reporting by Dan Burns; Editing by Toni Reinhold)

Trump faces withering attacks from rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and from 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who labeled him a danger to the Republican party and the United States.

Republican infighting is fueling betting that Republicans will have a so-called brokered convention, which occurs when no candidate wins a majority of delegates before the convention, or that Trump will run as a third-party candidate.. It was independently created by the Reuters editorial staff. 1. PaddyPower’s odds show Trump as a 2-to-5 favorite compared with a 1-to-7 favorite right after Super Tuesday.

NEW YORK Donald Trump’s prospects of winning the Republican nomination for the White House have slid sharply in online wagering venues, and bets that Republicans could have a fractured convention or that Trump may run as a third-party candidate were increasing.

On PredictIt, a site aggregated into PredictWise probability, Trump’s chances were 70 percent early Friday, up slightly from late Thursday when they fell to 68 percent, their lowest since Feb.

The last brokered U.S. Trump’s chances of trouncing Clinton sank to 27 percent on Friday from 39 percent in late February.

Chances of Trump claiming the Republican mantle have fallen hard to 69 percent after cresting at 86 percent this week following his winning seven of 11 states in Super Tuesday voting, according to PredictWise, which aggregates betting on multiple venues into an implied probability.

Intense squabbling among Republican candidates and efforts by establishment Republicans to block a Trump nomination at this summer’s Republican National Convention boosted bets that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the favorite for the Democratic nomination, would win the Nov

How to calculate 95 confidence intervals using Excel

For this example, the average from all 20 data points is 76.2.

Step 5

Calculate the range for your confidence statistics. It requires the input of significant level which is 100% subtracted by the level of confidence we are interested in. Here is an simple example of calculating the 95% confidence interval using Excel.

Things You Will NeedComputer with Excel installed

Step 1

The first step is gather the data you want to base the confidence calculation into an excel spread sheet. In Excel, this is done with the “STDEV” function. In this example, the data suggests that if the data is collected in the same way and the same factors are in play when we collect the follow data, we are 95% confident that the mean of the next data set should be between 70.6 to 81.7.

ArrayTips & WarningsIn order to use some of the statistical functions in Excel, you may have to install the Analysis Tool Pack. It also requires the standard deviation and count we had calculated in the previous two steps.

Step 4

Calculate the mean or average value from the data. In this case we are calculating a confidence of 95%. Confidence statistics is an estimation method used to predict if a subsequent sampling of data will fall within a given interval given a level of confidence. The Analysis tool pack can be installed from the tools menu add ins.


Calculating the 95 percent confidence interval is very easy once you understand how to do it. In this case, the value is 5%. In Excel, this is done by using the “CONFIDENCE” function. Select all of the data points and use the “STDEV” function to calculate the standard deviation for the whole population.

Step 3

Calculate the confidence interval. Using Excel you can quickly and easily calculate the confidence statistics you need. In Excel, this is done with the “AVERAGE” function. This is the interval from the mean that you would predict results of another sample based on a certain level of confidence. The minimum value for this range is the mean subtracted by the confidence interval and the maximum value is calculated by the mean added by the confidence interval. In this case, there are 20 data points and the value of the count calculation is 20.

Step 2

Calculate the standard deviation of the data. Put them all in a column and use the “COUNT” function to determine the number of data points you want to base you calculation on. The standard deviation is used to measure the variability of a data set and it is a key value of the confidence calculation

Casino-Gaming :: The Rules of Blackjack

Some tables can go up into the hundreds of thousands. Asking for chips during one of these situations is considered to be rude and impolite. There are higher priced chips such as the green, twenty five dollar chip and the black one hundred dollar chip. Find a table that is reasonable. Blackjack though, does have it’s own set of basic rules that all blackjack players should follow. Blackjack chips are just like any other card game’s chips. They will also answer any questions about the rules or questions about blackjack in general. . Once at a table, ask the dealer to trade cash for chips.

After deciding when to cash out, take all chips to the cashier, usually located close to the card tables. Many times, casinos will have blackjack tables as low as three dollars a bet. They should be placed in a vertical fashion from the greatest value amount on the bottom to least value amount on top. They will also exchange large chips for the appropriate amount of smaller chips as well. Once all bets have been placed, one cannot remove the chips from the circle. With only a bit of time and practice, they are very easy to get used to.

The first thing that any blackjack player should know is the chip amounts. Generally, white chips represent one dollar amounts. The cashier will then exchange any winnings or extra chips back into cash. In return, the dealer will slide back the proper amount of blackjack chips. After acquiring chips from the dealer, place all bets when it is appropriate to do so. Next make sure that the table is standard blackjack. Do so only when the dealer is not busy dealing cards or in the middle of a game. After the round is over, the dealer will then either take money from the player, or add to their stack of chips. Red chips amount to five dollars. Just be sure to follow all casino rules to avoid any trouble. Blackjack’s rules vary depending on where it is played. This will also help get a feel for what it may be like to play in a casino.

With some time and practice, it is very easy to get accustomed to the rules of blackjack. One casino may play blackjack differently than another casino. A buy in is a minimum about that one can bet. All bets go in the circle in front of the player. The cashiers will also exchange the correct amount of smaller chips for a larger chip. However, if the rules are not followed correctly, then the casino may have one removed. Ofter times, casinos will have variations of the game, which have different rules and regulations. The dealer is not allowed to take any cash or chips from a player. Practice with friends using some custom rules and regulations to get a feel for the game. Slide the money near the dealer.

Many times, casinos will have something called a buy in at their blackjack tables. Remember, always ask questions to the dealer if there are any problems, questions, or concerns about the game.

After being acquainted with the game of blackjack, it is essential to follow the rules of the game. If there are any discrepancies or questions about how much the chips are worth inside the circle, just ask the dealer. Make sure to ask at the appropriate time though. These chips are standard in all casinos as to avoid any confusion