Ten Ways to Stop Forever

Gambling addiction is brutal and highly destructive. Find help now and make a plan to begin quitting. Here are ten strategies to use to stop gambling and reclaim your life!

Some Final Thoughts

Gambling is one of the most dangerous addictions, because of the related risk of suicide. It does not matter whether the person is rich or poor, educated or uneducated. It is so important for the addict to stop gambling sooner rather than later.

This addiction does not discriminate. It isnt easy to quit gambling, but there are ways you can help yourself before you get to the point of no return. It can lead to dire consequences that run the gamut from bankruptcy, job loss, depression, anxiety, loss of friends and family, and even suicide. If the propensity is there, and the gambler crosses over that invisible line into problem gambling, addiction can occur in anyones life. An addiction like this can send people to jail, cause major social and occupational problems, mental instability, and financial devastation that can last for years.

Studies show that problem gamblers are more likely to commit suicide than all other types of addicts combined.

It is important to get help as soon as possible. Take it one day, or hour, at a time and keep in mind how great you will feel when you have come clean and stopped gambling with your life.

Online Wetten-Convenient and Easy Way to Bet for Sports And Earn Profits

The basic concept is really not that difficult to understand. Other individuals will too place their own wagers on the team they think will win. In case if your team is winning the game, you will win all the money that the others had wrongly wagered or vice versa.. You can sit at home in front of the desktop system, have a cup of coffee and start betting. Bookmaking is something that helps in bringing the risks involved in betting to a minimum without which betting would become very risky as the betting odds are placed against events which nobody has any control over.

Online betting (online wetten) has been rapidly gaining popularity in the recent times. And the main thing is that setting up an account is very easy and convenient and you can place the betting odds anytime you want and from anywhere you want. In fact, this betting has given rise to another popular business and that is, bookmaking. Then you actually need to wager a fixed amount of money on that team or animal. However, like everything else, online betting is something that is also a game of chance. You can win if you place the right bet or even you can lose also in case you don’t. One of the major reasons why it is so popular is simply because it is convenient. The author has worked as a famous bookee with a few renowned organizations. Internet betting combines sports betting with bookmaking and technology available over the web that makes it possible for a sheer number of people all over the world to take part in events that may be happening in other parts of the world.

Author’s Bio:

Shrin Sndu has good knowledge about differnt games,including football, tennis, basketball, handball, hockey and motorsport. This is why it is vital to do your lessons on sports betting before you place the bet.

The World Wide Web has come into picture in online betting for sports and this has led to the increase in popularity of online betting (online wetten). The betting of any sports is real fun. Remember, all you have to do is predict which teams or animals, in case of sports involving use of any animals like horse racing, is most likely to win at the game. Online betting for sports has become quite popular and widespread these days. For more info,please visit Online Wetten and Sportwetten Bonus .

In order to get a hang of how online sports betting works, it is important to know about the basic concept of sports betting. Trust me; once you get a hang of it, you can become quite an expert and can surely win some really good bets. Hence, there is a possibility of losing a significant amount of money. These wagers are the persons who might be the same as the one you have placed or they might be placed on other teams. In most of the cases, people bet for the favorite teams

Casino-Gaming :: Great Gambling Board Games Of The Past

In the Tablero version the game is played with coins, when converted to Toblaro it is then a game played with shot glasses. If another person throws any other number he will move 2 of the coins, one per dice. Some of these games were changed to include drinking, still a gambling game they were converted into games that included taking alcoholic beverages. In this case the opponent may put his coins in the spaces and take his turn, however if the opponent does not have enough money the game is over. The game was a popular game by the Spanish lower class citizens, and was eventually banned by the Pope.

In the past history, people have played many board games for many reasons, some which includes camaraderie, competition and skill building, as well as family bonding. These games were designed with adult entertainment in mind and they are great party favorites of the past.

If there is a row of 7 coins together, the player who is moving can pronounce that it is a “run” and then the opponent must stake two more coins and throw the dice, if he gets a 7,11, or 12 he will then lose all 9 coins. All of these gambling games are an exciting way to enjoy board games for adults.

. The player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

In order to change the game from Tablero to Toblaro, the coins are replace with shot glasses filled with alcoholic beverages, when the money (or the glasses) are captured, the winner gets to drink it and the loser must refill the contents with his alcohol.

After moving the coins associated with the two dice, if there are two or more coins lined up in a row, other than 1 and 7, then the player may take them off the board. The lowest roller plays the game first to start the game.

One such game is an old Scottish drinking game, which was converted from a gambling game called Tablero and Toblaro. When they get the dice they must throw at least one time.

After throwing the dice, the players will lose their coins should the player throw a 7, 11, or 12. However, some games were played for gambling. Each turn moves in the same column it is in, not diagonally or across. The player is limited to moving the coin toward him or away from him, by the number of rows that are indicated on the die. Should the player not be able to use both dice, he loses his turn to his opponent, as both dice must be used.

These games are great games for adults to play, and have introduced other games that have almost the same concepts such as bingo where the person with the right amount of chips on the numbers wins the pot and Yahtzee for money where the die tells the person what he can fill in on his card. The game has two dice, a checkerboard with 7 by 7 squares and 15 coins anted by each of the players. Otherwise the moving player will get those two coins and keep running calling the run and rolling the dice again until he gives up the coins, or the opponent can no longer stake the money. The low roller must place 5 coins on either row 1 or row 7, with one being in each of the squares; the high roller places two coins on the same row. The game is played starting with each of the players rolling the dice, with high tying players re-rolling the die. The player cannot move the same pieces more than once in a turn. These games allowed winners to not only win the bragging rights that they beat their friends and other great players, but also allowed then to walk away from the board richer than when they came to it

Enabling Sports Betting Via The Internet

With 888sport, the customer will have something to look forward to, other than just the excitement of winning.

While on the subject of gambling, PokerStars poker tournaments are famous for their variety of games and buy-in levels. In addition, the site gives the better the chance to have complete control of his account, but they do interfere if the bettor wants help to restrict his spending. More than anything else, the people who wager bets realize that, their account is secure, as the company utilizes a system that ensures that all payments are carried out correctly and securely.

The 888sport was born in the year 2008. He would have to place his initial bet, and if he does not win, he will get back his money. They offers their customers not just the option to partake in online football or online horse racing betting, which are their forte, but they also offer the set up for online sports betting from rugby to swimming or for that matter, even specific bets on the winner of the Oscars and the Elections for the presidency. 888sport believes to be one of the excellent online betting sites, because it offers wonderful betting offers ranging from a new customers welcome bonus on his initial deposit to different kinds of promotional bonuses that blend sports betting online with programs and prizes that the client would like to take part in. For poker specialists, it is the thrill of the game, how they outsmart their opponents and walk away with prize money that counts. They also run the European Poker Tour, which many consider the worlds richest poker tour.

At 888sport, they cover any kind and any amount of betting on various games like cricket, football and other sports, inclusive of politics and TV bets for programs like Big Brother and X-Factor.

It has a devoted team of skilled professionals for the service to their clients. It offers up to 20 pounds of free bets for new registrants who take part in sports bet and for those inveterate gamblers, they give away amounts up to 200 pounds that the novice can utilize in the poker or casino segments of the site.

PartyPoker Poker Tournaments evoke the ultimate thrill in poker, irrespective of the fact that you are playing a few 100s or 100,000s dollars. It includes an extensive variety of sports betting. PokerStars also conduct WCOOP, SCOOP, TCOOP tournaments as also the Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-up tournaments, which attract the best in online poker. In live betting, you can keep up with the game and wager a bet at any time when you feel you have a feel of the game and how things would be going.. It allowed its clients who loved playing poker, roulette, backgammon, bingo and various other casino gambling games, to participate in sports betting via the Internet. The best place for qualifying for the five top World Championships in Online poker, normally, originates here. The great thing about this site is that it is user-friendly and easily navigable.

The site also provides live sport betting odds for several events as they occur daily, permitting their customers to view the event and bet on the result as the game goes on, thereby making the site one of the best. They have an exclusive I-card, using which, participating in online horse betting takes the client on to a very different dimension.

For a punter to be eligible to free bet bonuses on 888sport he will need to register and open an account with the site. The tournaments in PartyPoker include the sit & go, Multi-table, Shootouts, heads up, shootout-satellites and Bounty tournaments, all add to the thrill.

Many of the more experienced people, who wager bets, prefer 888spport because they find that betting can be faster on this site

Poker Odds – Pot Odds And Hand Odds Explained

The higher the ratio between the size of the pot and the cost of calling a bet, the better your poker pot odds are.

You can figure this out by first finding the number of outs that you have.

Knowing the probability of making a specific hand in poker can be done by calculating hand odds. Outs are the number of cards remainig in the deck ( not visibe to you) that can help you make your hand.

About The Author

Lets say your’e dealt A-9 of hearts in Texas Hold’em and the flop comes up showing two hearts.

Poker Odds – Pot Odds And Hand Odds Explained

by: Oddvar Pettersen

To be successful at poker you should, at any time during the play of a hand, be able to calculate the odds of catching your hand to the odds the pot is giving you.

If there are $40 in the pot after the flop and a player bets $10 and two other players calls his bet then you are getting 7 to 1 in pot odds. (you will hit your hand 1 out of 3 times) .

This article was posted on February 11, 2005

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TRUE POKER GUIDE. Figuring out how many outs you have will give you the possibility of calculating the number of times you will hit your hand by the river.

So if we are using the hand above as an example and you hold A-9 of hearts and catch two hearts on the flop, than you have 9 more hearts in the deck that can help you complete your flush. 2 hearts in your hand + 2 hearts on the table minus 13 hearts in total = 9 outs. Your hand odds for hitting another heart by the river will be approximately 36% or 3 to 1.

If you multiply your number of outs by 4, than you will get an approximate percentage of hitting your hand by the river (9×4=36%).

Oddvar Pettersen

True Poker Guide was established as a website to provide information on rules and strategies for all poker games played at home, online and in casinos. WWW.POKERRULE-ONLINE.COM

Poker pot odds is the a ratio between the size of the pot compared to how much it will cost you to call a bet from another player. If you are chasing the A-9 flush draw from the flop , than you are getting 36% or 3 to 1 in hand odds to catch your card at the river, so calling or even raising this bet will be a correct decision to make

How Women Can Find And Attract Their Mr Right

That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

Well, if this advice was so well known, why are women finding themselves with the same kind of man every time? The answer lies in how you present yourself and the methods you use to attract men.

Even if you did just concentrate on your field, would you send as many resumes as you could to as many companies as possible? Most people do.

If you’re looking for a drunk, manipulative man, go to bar. Maybe it’s because I am a good man and know where a good man goes to meet women. However, my intentions are far from trying to fuel redundancy. He’s independent, self sufficient, and will probably be very helpful in a relationship. This led to more depression and pain than when I was lonely!

Now that you understand focus, what can you do to succeed in finding a good man and attract your ideal mr right ? Please allow me to tell you.

First, men are visual creatures. I’m talking about successful, socially healthy, good looking men who enjoy the outdoors. If you want a pervert, hang out at a strip club. I read over those pages every night and within a month I met the woman of my dreams. Same goes for women.

All I’m doing here is writing about common sense. What you think of yourself and what you believe you deserve will attract a guy that will match it. And so on.


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If you are having trouble finding a good man , chances are you have no idea where to find them or even worse, you have no idea what a good man is. What would a good man think of a woman who was dressed like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman? He’d think she was a tramp and do anything in his power to avoid her and the possible STD’s that she contracted. He has tried many seduction programs and provides free tips to seduce women on his site and through his official newsletter.

Also, your self-worth plays a very important role. Well, not that many, but you get the idea.

So when I tell you finding a good man at the grocery store is very easy, you shouldn’t be surprised. So why were you at Kokomo’s last night dressed like an eastern European call girl?

Before embarking on any mission, you must know the destination. But you already knew that. It is very easy finding a good man at the golf course, but I rarely see women there looking for mr right . It is your life, and only when you know exactly what you want will you be able to take any advice and use it to its full potential.

Now, let’s get something straight here. So yah, chat with the good guys like me. Ask the researchers.

Some very good tips on where a good man goes have been discussed so many times that my suggesting them will seem redundant. Not only do I refuse to run long distances, I also can’t run. Usually it is broken down in 5 and 10 mile distances. Not focusing on what you want will leave you running around in circles like a headless chicken. After all, you can’t contract herpes twice, right?

How about church? I know you must be cringing at those words, but think about it…if a man is at church on Sunday morning, what’s the chance that he was out getting hammered the night before? Even if he was hammered, he’s thoughtful enough to attend church with his mother. The quest of looking for mr right is one that you can succeed with just one simple change in focus and a few tips on where a good man goes .. My “shotgun” approach to attraction was a failure. Nobody, especially a guy on the Internet, can tell you exactly where a good man goes because only you know what your mr right is like. It is up to you to tweak those ideas into ones that fit your personality, needs, and wants. Not only did I attract far fewer women than I had hoped, but the ones I did were not my type!

Be careful on where you decide to volunteer. Make sure that the cause you are about to help in is a place where a good man goes . So it’s about time you focus on where your mr right should be then you’ll have a chance conquering the blindness that many women experience.

You can also just walk at a charity marathon, meeting a lot of guys who are doing the same. Not only will you have the opportunity to mingle with volunteers, but you’ll also get the opportunity to meet other men who actually work at the institution you are volunteering in.

The power of focus is undeniable. How you present yourself and the things you do will influence the type of men that you attract.

When I chat with my female friends about this issue they all say something along the lines of “no shit”.

Take part in a marathon that is for charity. How about volunteering somewhere? What kind of man volunteers? You got it! He’s a caring, unselfish man who will do everything he can to make you happy. Try Greenpeace or anything to do with the outdoors – any sport is ideal.

When I was having problems meeting women, I went out and tried to attract all of them. You know, the ones with nice leather couches and attractive men working on their lap tops. Why? I have no idea. Common sense that is thrown right out the window when it comes to love. Either that or try and sleep with her. You’ll make us feel better for crawling along like sloths.

The shotgun method, whether you are looking for a job or looking for Mr. Right is like so I am not here to tell you should be looking for. I have no idea what you think Mr. I didn’t care about what the woman was like, I just wanted to feel attractive. If you think you’re pathetic, you’ll get yourself a pathetic man. This is especially true in finding a good man .

The appearance of a woman (not necessarily her looks) plays a major part in who she ends up with. And even when it does, it usually ends up a failure (unless you’re lucky). You can use it with everything!t large crowds. Thank God because I wouldn’t have used this if I had to run the distance of a million football fields. A guy that’s doing his own grocery shopping says a lot about him. When a convention that you are interested in comes to town, attend it! You

Sharpening your focus toward finding exactly what you want is the only way you’ll ever get it. Right, rarely works. People hit only what they aim at, and this goes for women looking for men as well.

If your goal is finding a good man , start thinking like one. Psychology teaches that whatever we focus on we move toward. You don’t want to volunteer at a place where there are only women. Remember that old saying “love is blind”? It’s true. If you project a sex kitten aura, guess what? Guys are going to want to have sex with you.

Alright, so I bet you’re wondering: “So, when are you going to tell me where to find a good good man for myself?” If you are thinking this, go up a few paragraphs and read again. I’m actually worrying myself knowing all this stuff on where to find a good man. I am a firm believer that repetition is the key to mastery, and the more you hear something the more likely you’ll be in acting on it and using it.

I find it really funny when girls who complain about not finding a good man go out on the town dressed like hookers with a ton of make-up on. Men who play golf are generally better off financially, healthier, and more likely to deal with frustration than men who don’t. Seriously, do they think finding a good man means going out looking like that?

Have you ever been to a convention? If you haven’t, I can tell you that you will have at least one common interest with all the men there, giving you an excellent chance of finding a good man that you’re compatible with.

Good luck.

Author’s Bio:

Jesse Allen is the main contributor to the website www.approachandseduce.com and freelance writer. I can tell you out of experience that no man wants to be with a woman who thinks she’s not worthy unless he too thinks the same about himself. This applies to all areas in life, not just love and relationships. Unconsciously, they base a lot of their attraction on looks. That should be enough to place your first bid, no?

Now you have some ideas on where to find a good man and how you should go about looking for mr right . Discovering where to find a good man depends on what you think a man should be.

Go to coffee shops. I understand. After all, a “good man” is different for all women and until you fully understand what it is you are looking for, you’ll never find it. Coffee shops are awesome to start up conversation and an excellent place to frequent if you are having problems finding a good man for yourself. Coincidence? I think not.

Speaking of sports, why not play golf? You know how many men are out on the course at any given time? A ton! And I’m not talking about old men here either. Your focus should be laser-like, concentrating on only the type of man you are looking to attract.

If you have a resume and would like a job in your particular field, would you apply to all jobs available? I don’t think so.

Okay, so church isn’t your thing. Most people link drinking coffee with social interaction, and if you strategically position yourself next to a guy sitting by himself, a conversation is almost guaranteed to start up.

A while ago, when I first started understanding the power of focus, I sat down and wrote four pages worth of notes detailing what I wanted in a woman. God knows I was one of those men. The key to finding a good man is focus!

I could go on all day. You are going to have to figure that out on your own. These marathons almost never require you to complete the entire route and are not competitive. If you’re too lazy, allow me to reiterate. Everything from the color of her hair and eyes to her values and morals. If you want a drug addict, hang out in an alley

How Exactly Can You Benefit From Visiting An Online Betting Website?

Any game you can conceive of: video poker, bingo, blackjack, roulette racing, and so on can be played Online.

Whether you desire to play On-line keno, enter in a poker tournament, or bet on a horse race, you easily do so on-line. If you’d like to play on-line for fun instead of for gambling reasons, then these offers should be appealing to you. Even you are ordinarily not a lucky person, youll all the same have a bit of fun betting. You can make buddies as you play, since a lot of people all around the world make wagers On-line everyday.

You can even play for free at some web sites. The On-line gambling industry is MASSIVE, and there are a great deal of wonderful prizes acquirable. It was written by Aria Scherer. The software developers do a great job at producing games with amazing computer graphics, which gives them a realistic visual aspect. They will present you a no deposit bonus, which will allow for you to take on a few free games without the need to register and make a deposit into any account. On-line gambling is extremely The on-line gambling world is massive, and the industry is anticipated to increase a lot more in the forthcoming years, as the global economies will recuperate. In addition to money, some On-line sports books and casinos give out prizes like jewelry, iPods, holiday vacations, and so forth. . If you settle to play for real money afterwards, you can use your free bets to practice for free beforehand. If you need more information, check out Poker and Poker!

On-line gambling is viewed as secure these days, ever since regulations have been set in place. In summary, On-line betting is fun, exciting, and even profitable!

By: Aria Scherer

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Thanks for looking through this info. There are tons wonderful On-line casinos, sports books, and lottos that provide wonderful games for everybody. There’ll likewise be more chances for players to win. The larger the industry becomes, the bigger the prizes. Progressive jackpot prizes can reach as high as 6 figures, and lucky players actually win them often

Montreal, Mexico City, Portland lead list

The third, in ’77, added the Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays to the AL, creating seven-team divisions in the Junior Circuit, and the fourth, in ’93, added the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins to the NL. “I do see expansion as a longer-term proposition.”

Manfred has made no secret of his desire to make further inroads into Mexico, a country of roughly 120 million people. While every other team has either moved into a new venue or substantially upgraded its current one since 1989, when Toronto opened what is now called the Rogers Centre, both the Rays and the A’s have run into an series of legal and logistical battles in recent years while attempting to secure a new stadium. A major league team in the state could pull in fans for whom the Nationals (roughly 400 miles away) or Braves (250 miles away) are the closest teams. Columbus has NHL and MLS teams and also plays host to Ohio State University. average of $41,355. That was the majors’ fifth round of expansion since the early 1960s. cities, and by published reports for Canada and Mexico.

Mexico City

Population: 20.89 million (first in Mexico)

MLB last expanded in 1998, when the Devil Rays and Diamondbacks began play. “Fours [multiples of four] work better than fives from a scheduling perspectivesignificantly better,” said Manfred. In the wake of that work stoppage, Montreal was forced to dismantle its talented core, and the franchise never recovered. Other cities often mentioned in such discussions include Las Vegas (2.11 million, 29th in the U.S.), Columbus, Ohio (2.02 million, 32nd), Nashville (1.83 million, 36th in U.S.) and New Orleans (1.23 million, 46th in the U.S.), as well as the aforementioned San Antonio and Monterrey options. We also think a team in Mexico and a larger number of Mexican players in the big leagues could really help us continue to grow the Hispanic market in the United States. Beyond that matter, while Manfred stopped short of calling Montreal MLB’s top target for expansion, he did say, “I think, even if I didnt want to say this, the mayor of Montreal would probably tell you if you walked past him on the street, that I have met with him on a number of occasions. Having another team in this area could benefit the Mariners, however, in that theyre currently isolated enough relative to the rest of the majors that they will log the most air miles of any team in 2016, at 47,704. This could be a new hell for pitchers.

Expanding into Mexico City presents some issues beyond the altitude and ongoing air-quality crisis. That issue is likely to be settled by the time MLB weighs Charlotte for suitability, however.Portland, Ore.

Population: 2.39 million (23rd in United States)

Baseball has a rich history in Montreal dating back to the 19th century. At a meeting with the Associated Press Sports Editors in New York on Thursday, Manfred acknowledged that such a move makes sense both for the league’s long-term growth strategy and to the nuts and bolts of scheduling. The Hornetsactually the second franchise with that name, the first having moved to New Orleans in 2002have been mired in the lower half of NBA attendance for several years. In 1946, Jackie Robinson played for the Royals, becoming the first African-American player for a major league affiliate; he won league MVP honors that season and helped the Royals win the league championship.

The Expos debuted in Montreal in 1969, playing first in makeshift Jarry Park and then at Olympic Stadium, a domed monstrosity built for the 1976 Summer Olympics. The Triple A Charlotte Knights, meanwhile, have led the minors in attendance in each of the past two years via their brand-new 10,200-seat BB&T BallPark.

That said, while the NFLs Carolina Panthers have done well in attendance (the team has finished eighth in each of the last three years), the NBAs Charlotte Hornets have not been a powerhouse in terms of putting fans in the seats. Governmental corruption and a high crime rate create political and security concerns no matter where MLB might land in Mexico. Download the new Sports Illustrated app (iOS or Android) and personalize your experience by following your favorite teams and SI writers.

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Charlotte, N.C. Based on Manfred’s statements on Thursday and in the recent past, it’s not out of the question that at least one of the new teams could be from outside the United States.

As to where MLB might go next, Manfred hinted strongly at international growth, saying “If we were to expand, I do think a city that makes sense geographicallymeaning in terms of realistic travel distancesand is outside of the 48 contiguous states would be a positive choice for us in terms of growing the game.”

Austin doesn’t have a big four team but does support University of Texas Longhorns, whose sports teams are so popular they have their own television network. In each of the past three years, Olympic Stadium has played host to two-game exhibition series involving the Blue Jays and various opponents, with many former Expos, including Martinez and Raines, showing up for the festivities; paid attendance at those games averaged more than 48,000 per night. Last fall, he told Forbes’ Maury Brown, “We see Mexico as an opportunity internationally. Declining attendance, underfunded ownership and a failure to secure a new ballpark all doomed the franchise. After one year of seven-team divisions in the Senior Circuit, the leagues realigned into the three-division format still in use today, though not until 2013, when the Astros switched from the NL Central to the AL West, were the divisions of uniform size.

The current format, with six five-team divisions and 15-team leagues, creates headaches in that at least one interleague series is always necessary, and at least one team is always playing outside its own divisiontwo factors that can dampen excitement during the final weeks of the season. The NBA currently has North Carolina under a microscope, with commissioner Adam Silver threatening to move the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte unless the controversial House Bill 2a law targeted at preventing transgender people from using restrooms based on their gender identityis changed. One strike against this city may be its short-lived history in the National Basketball Association. They have expressed a strong desire to have Major League Baseball back in Montreal.”


Population: 2.5 million (third in Canada, 35th in North America)

Every city has pros and cons that MLB will have to weigh, but the leagues choice will also have to consider the strength of the various prospective ownership groups that might emerge from those locales.

Population: 2.43 million (22nd in United States)

Montreal isn’t Canada’s only alternative for expansion. (Monterrey, with a metropolitan population of 4.48 million and a history of hosting MLB regular season forays thanks to a stadium that seats 27,000, is another option.) But the biggest issue may be the financial status of its residents. In fact, Portlanda few rungs below Denver (2.81 million, 19th in the U.S.) and Pittsburgh (2.35 million, 26th) in population sizeis the largest in the U.S. The addition of two more teams would eliminate that problem, creating eight four-team divisions. They were high-scoring affairs, decided by Coors Field-like scores of 111 and 216, which makes sense given that the city’s elevation is 7,350 feet above sea level. The Vancouver Grizzlies lasted just six seasons, from 199596 to 200001, before relocating to Memphis due to poor attendance; the league’s ’98 lockout, like the strike for the Expos, was the crippling blow.

As for its baseball history, Portland was long a staple of the Pacific Coast League, but it also had intermittent interruptions, during one of which the city played host to the independent Portland Mavericks, the subject of an entertaining 2014 documentary, The Battered Bastards of Baseball. A regional rivalry could lessen the blow to both the Mariners and the new club, since some of their games against more far-flung opponents would be replaced by those against their new rivals.

With a population of just over 10 million, North Carolina ranks ninth among the 50 states and is the largest without a team in MLB. Photo: Michael Ivins/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images Montreal

Population: 4.06 million (second in Canada, 21st in North America). Austin is the only top-50 metropolitan area in the U.S. Wrote Morosi back in February:

Get all of Jay Jaffes columns as soon as theyre published. And who knows what kind of arm-wrestling might transpire when it comes to Nolan Ryan. Havana (2.14 million) is fun to think about given its rich baseball history, but the political and economic obstacles are so great that it will be decades before it could even possibly become an option.

“Baseballs a growth sport, a growth business, [and] sooner or later growth businesses expand,” said Manfred. Las Vegas currently has no big four teams, but while a major league team could become a big draw in the entertainment-minded city, the states legal gambling industry could pose a security risk for MLB. While nearby San Antonio (2.38 million, 25th) has the higher population and is regarded as a potential destination for expansion in its own right, Fox Sports’ JP Morosi has suggested that Austin may surpass it in desirability, noting that it has a faster-growing population and a higher per capita income than its neighbor an hour away. The city has been without baseball since the end of the 2010 season, and as with Vancouver, it will take pacifying the Mariners to bring it back at the major league level.

Austin, Texas

Population: 2.0 million (33rd in United States)

Given that, what follows here is a quick rundown of six cities that might be targets, ranked in order of metropolitan populations as derived from 2015 census estimates for U.S. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita for the country is $13,085 a year, less than one-third that of the U.S. Last month, the Astros and Padres played a pair of exhibitions in Mexico City, North America’s largest citythe first time since 2004 that the league had ventured there. Census Bureau estimates (from 275.9 million to 322.7 million). The first added the Los Angeles Angels and the second edition of the Washington Senators (their predecessors had moved to Minnesota to become the Twins) to the AL in 1961, with the New York Mets and Houston Colt .45s joining the NL in ’62. The U.S. Relocation to what would otherwise be a target city for a brand new team looms as an option if either can’t work out a new stadium deal.

Another snag for putting a team here is the proximity of the Mariners, who are roughly 140 miles away in Seattle and have asserted their territorial rights here; they would likely require some major concessions to allow a neighbor. with double-digit population growth since the 2010 census, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, with one estimate projecting 2.6 million people will live in the metro area by 2025.

It won’t happen anytime soon, but expansion to 32 teams is in Major League Baseball’s not-too-distant future, according to commissioner Rob Manfred. From 1897 to 1917 and then ’28 to ’60, the Montreal Royals were members of the International League, serving as the Dodgers’ top farm club during the last 22 of those years. with only one team in either of MLB, the NBA, the NFL or the NHL, though both the Blazers and Major Legue Soccer’s Timbers have done well, attendance-wise, for years.

Austin is a haven for tech firms and startupsand, consequently, the millennials whom MLB wants to capture through its marketing efforts. After being threatened with contraction in 2001, the Expos became wards of MLB from ’02 through the end of their time in Canada, which came after the ’04 season, when they skipped town for Washington, D.C., and became the Nationals.

A movement to bring MLB back to Montreal has been in the works for awhile thanks to the efforts of former Expos outfielder Warren Cromartie and his Montreal Baseball Project. “So that obviously would be a helpful change in that regard if we were to expand.”

Manfred didn’t address whether there’s enough talent to fill out two more rostersa common complaint heard every time the league expandsbut it’s worth considering some basic math. It will be years before any of this comes to pass, but with Manfreds words, expansion is finally on the radar again.

Just 172 miles south of Seattle is another Pacific Northwest alternative: Portland. population has grown by nearly 17% since 1998, based on U.S. That stadium currently hosts Vancouvers entries in the Canadian Football League and Major League Soccer, and it has played host to Triple A and spring training games in the past. The team produced Hall of Famers Gary Carter, Andre Dawson and Pedro Martinez, as well as the Hall-caliber players like outfielders Vladimir Guerrero, Tim Raines and Larry Walker, but all of those players eventually departed for more lucrative pastures. Nashville has NHL and NFL teams as well as Vanderbilt University. The biggest issue facing expansion herejust as it was when it came to trying to retain the Exposis securing the funding to build a replacement for Olympic Stadium, which needs more than $200 million worth of repairs. The 199495 players’ strike hit just as the Expos owned the best record in baseball and were closing in on just their second postseason berth in franchise history. Vancouver ranks as the most livable city in North America, according to Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings, and it already has a well-regarded multipurpose stadium, BC Place, that features both a retractable roof and retractable seating in rightfield. If it got an MLB franchise, the Astros’ jump from the NL to the AL in 2013 means one has to figure that an Austin team would be bound for the National League, where it wouldn’t have the luxury of the intrastate, intradivisional rivalry that those two teams enjoy. Even with a population even bigger than New York City’s, the question of whether Mexico City can produce enough fans who can afford to attend games regularly looms large. Even if rates of participation in the sport are declining within this country, the overall growth of the potential player pool around the world, especially in Latin America and Asia, has likely been enough to withstand increasing the size of MLB roster’s by 6.7%.

Before MLB can expand, however, the commissioner said that the ongoing stadium sagas in Tampa Bay and Oakland need to be resolved. Like Vancouver, Portland does well in quality-of-life surveys and already has a team in a “big four” sport with the NBA’s Trail Blazers. New Orleans has NFL and NBA teams. The Triple A Round Rock Express are part of the greater Austin area; the franchise is co-owned by the Hall of Fame pitcher (who has ties as a player and executive to both of the state’s MLB teams) and his son, Reid, and it is currently affiliated with the Rangers even while the senior Ryan now serves as an advisor for the Astros.


This list is by no means comprehensive. The second wave, in ’69, added the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Pilots (who the next year moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers) to the AL, and the Montreal Expos and San Diego Padres to the NL, with the leagues splitting into two six-team divisions apiece

State agency hires New Jersey consultants to examine gambling industry

Due in late fall, the study will outline the current gambling market (with the exceptions of the lottery and horse racing) and forecast potential industry growth.

The Washington State Gambling Commission announced this week that it has hired Spectrum Gaming Group to prepare an economic market study on gambling in the state.

Said Commission Chair Chris Stearns, The results of this study will be a powerful economic tool for the state and tribes that will allow us to build on our success and help the state, businesses, tribes and citizens guide economic growth with investment and with our values.

It will measure the effects of commercial, nonprofit and tribal gambling by focusing on employment, fantasy sports, gambling facilities and trends, Internet gambling, new gambling games such as mobile games, population trends, revenues, the effect of technology and the effect of gambling on tourism.

The New Jersey-based consultancy has worked in the field since the early 1980s, according to a commission release, and has conducted studies that particularly concern Native American gambling in states, including Florida and Connecticut.

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